Pool Safety Checklist:


Adult supervision is essential. Never let kids swim alone!

If your pool is not fenced in, fence it!

Keep gates closed. Make sure that self closing gates actually self close. Even better yet, padlock the gate.

Keep items which can be used for climbing (tables, chairs, large play toys, and ladders) away from fences.

Keep toys and balls out of and away from the pool area.

Remove any trees, bushes or other things that might block a clear view of the pool from the house.

Keep the water within 3 to 4 inches from the top of the pool. This will make climbing out of the pool easier.

Keep all pool chemical supplies and equipment locked up at all times.

Keep an emergency plan, with telephone number to 
call 911, by the entrance to the house or near an outside phone.

Learn CPR. It takes only a couple hours and may save a life.

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